Angel of Water – Behind the Scenes and Some Lighting Tips

On this video, photographer Jay P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens looks at behind the scenes of an outdoor model shoot in broad daylight and how to overcome the sun using older pack and heads (like the MP800 I use from Dynalite).

Some older heads/power packs do not allow you to use high-speed sync. However, as Morgan demonstrates in this video, there is a technique which you can use that will allow you to use a speedlight as a work around.

This isn’t the first time the Morgan works with complex lighting setups, in the past we have published here a video where he uses a dual reflector setup outdoors with both existing and artificial light as well as this look at an advanced lighting setup.

You can find lot more lighting tutorials on our photography lighting section here on LensVid, and you can find all of Jay P. Morgan’s videos here on LensVid on the following link.