FocusEd: Camera Lens Mounts Explained

On this B&H video (made by Kelby Training) photographer Larry Becker talks about the different camera lens mounts for different brands.

Lens mounts is often a confusing topic for new photographers and there are quite a few common mounts around and the number had grown considerably in the last few years with the introduction of mirorless cameras.

We made a general list of some of the most common mounts and their limitations:


  • EF mount (Full Frame) – Fits only full frame lenses from Canon.
  • EF-S mount (APS-C) – Fits APS-C and Full Frame DSLR lenses from Canon.
  • EF-M (mirorless/APS-C) – Fits mirorless APS-C lenses from Canon and EF-S/EF lenses from Canon with an adaptor.

There are many 3’rd party EF and EF-S lenses from companies such as Sigma, Tamron, Tokina Zeiss etc.

  • F-mount (FX – Full Frame) – Fits both full frame and APS-C lenses from Nikon (DX lenses will usually automatically be cropped on full frame cameras).
  • F-mount (DX – APS-C) – Fits both FX and DX lenses from Nikon.
  • 1-system (CX – mirorless) – fits both CX/1-system lenses from Nikon and FX/DX lenses with an adapter.

There are many 3’rd party FX and DX lenses from companies such as Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Zeiss etc.

  • Alpha (DSLR) – has both full frame and APS-C lens variants which fits both Sony, Minolta and Zeiss lenses.
  • FE mount (Full Frame) – full frame version of the Sony E-mount for Sony’s mirorless cameras.
  • E-mount – Fits both the APS-C E-mount and Full Fame FE-mount lenses.

There are 3’rd party lenses from companies such as Sigma, Tamron, and Zeiss etc.

Olympus & Panasonic
  • 4/3 – the older Olympus DSLR mount. Micro 4/3 lenses will work with an adapter with some limitations.
  • micro-4/3 – will work on

Olympus micro 4/3 lenses will work on Panasonic cameras and vice versa (there are also some 3/rd part micro 4/3 lenses from different manufacturers).

  • NX mount – Samsung specific mount – should accept Pentax lenses with adapter.

There are also 3 different versions of K mounts from Pentax as well as Q-mount and 645 mount, Sigma also has SA-mount and quite a few older and different type legacy mounts.

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