How to Get Professional Results With Speedlights

On this very extensive B&H video photographer Joseph W. Carey talks about working with Speedlights and how to get the most out of them.

Many photographers are afraid to move from natural tousing artificial lighting but this lecture by photographer Joseph Carey should give you eough information to help you start.

A few notes from the lecture:

  • When working with a Speedlight use manual mode on your camera.
  • Don’t use the hot shoe – use a wireless system or at least a flash cord.
  • When using a flash remember:
  1. Aperture controls the depth of field.
  2. shutter speed controls the general lighting of the frame.
  3. You control the flashlight by direct control from the camera or flash exposure compensation.
  4.  Increasing the ISO allows you to to balance the aperture and shutter speed better, reduce battery use on your flash and lower cycle times.

We have looked at speedlights extensively in the past including “Understanding Flash Sync Speeds” with professional photographer Karl Taylor, “Flash Photography Tips” with photographer Phil Steele and “The Basics of Using Flash” with  Brian Dilg from Canon.

You can find many more lighting videos on our photography lighting section.

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