How to Set up White Balance

On this short video Daniel Norton from Adorama demonstrates how to set up the current white balance while shooting

Although you can change the white balance in post production, there are cases where setting it up during the shoot can be important (for example when you need to make sure that the colors are exactly correct – for instance commercial product photographers might need to sample a clothing in a very precise way for a commercial).

To set the white balance all you need to have besides your camera is some sort of calibration target – Norton uses the PhotoVision 14 Inch Pocket One Shot Digital Calibration Target (which cost about $47, but there are other maybe more cheaper targets that you can buy). You need to go to your camera setting and use the custom setting for the white balance, fill the frame with the target with the light that you are going to shoot with (always do this after you set up the lighting) and take a picture. Than you can use your post processing software – Lightroom, capture one, Photoshop etc. to sample the grey part of the target,  which will automatically fix the white balance.

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