Joe McNally: Window Light Portraits

On this video pro photographer Joe McNally and Daniel Norton from Adorama use beautiful natural light to make some airy portraits.

When you have good natural light and you can play with it and use on site diffusers (in this case curtains) it can be all the you will ever need. Norton does have a bit of fill dish added for some extra lighting trying to get a daylight type of shot.

After shooting just the female model McNally shoots all three models. This is a bit more tricky as he shoots at f/2.8 with 3 people at the same time – this means that you need all three to be in exactly the same focus plane otherwise one or more will not be in perfect focus.

McNally shoots several images in fast sequences to get the perfect micro expression which is another thing that you might want to take from this simple behind the scene look at this shoot.

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Iddo Genuth
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