Landscape Photography – a Deeper Look

Doug McKinlay (from Adorama TV) recorded this extended video looking at different aspects of shooting landscapes from gear to technique and even a little bit of a talk about post-processing.

When we talk about landscape photography what does it mean? is it just the more classical trees and hills, lakes, and oceans or does it also include cities and towns? no matter how you define it, landscape photography involves the same basic set of techniques and skills.

You need to prepare, scout your locations, find the right time of day and the right time of the year (sunrise, sunset, winter or summer) and be ready with the right gear including the lens or lenses that are right for the task (and no, we are not restricted to wide or ultra wide angle lenses here, you can certainly use telephoto lenses for landscape if it captures what you want).

Using filters (ND, ND gards, CPLs etc.) can also help to create more dynamic range and emphasize specific objects in your image (water, leaves etc.). Of course, using techniques such as HDR (which McKinlay didn’t really mention in this video but we cover in depth here in the past) can also help.

Finally you have other aspects including composition (one thing which McKinlay also didn’t mention – use a remote or timer and of course a tripod) and post-processing.

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Iddo Genuth
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