Creating Portraits – Lighting Recipes

On this extensive video by Joe Brady we look at creating a high key portrait of a model eating a cake.

This video tales an interesting approach to photography. Basically what Brady tries to demonstrate is that there are aspects of photography which you can think about just like you think about cooking/braking – by using a recipe (and yes you can change a recipe).

Brady is big on light meeters which you can see in action in this video (Brady  also explains the difference between an external light meter which measures the light falling on the object you are shooting vs. a camera meter which measures the reflected light which gets back to the camera).

We have looked at creating high (and low) key images many times in the past including “Shooting a High Key Portrait with 3 Speedlights” with Erik Valind, Tony Northrup did his own video on “how to shoot high key images in your home studio and you can also check out “How to Shoot High Key & Low Key Lighting” by Mark Wallace and “Using High Key vs Low Key Lights” by  Daniel Norton.

You can check out some of Brady’s previous videos here as well as many more helpful photography tips on our Photography tips section and  photography lighting section here on LensVid.