How to Shoot a Music Video

In this interesting behind the scenes/tutorial, Parker Walbeck from fulltimefilmmaker takes us behind the scenes of his recent shoot of a La La Land style piano video clip and how it was made.

If you ever wondered what goes into the making of a video clip this BTS will give you a sneak peek. This is a relatively low budget production but you can still learn some interesting things by looking at Walbeck’s workflow.

When shooting a music video like this indoor you need to consider many things – the lighting, the different cuts you will make, stand-ins and of course get it all on budget (on this video Walbeck didn’t cover production budget unlike many of his previous videos – it would be interesting to know how much the people he found on Facebook got paid – if at all).

You can check out the final video called Perfect by Ed Sheeran (Piano Solo Cover)

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We also have a full section devoted to everything that has to do with being a professional photographer/videographer called “photography as a business” here on LensVid. You can also check out a few other of Walbeck’s BTS videos we posted in the past – here.

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