How to Shoot Real Estate Videos

In this interesting behind the scenes video, Parker Walbeck from fulltimefilmmaker takes us on an extensive behind the scenes look at a shoot he had made for a real estate agent of a lovely wooden cabin.

Walbeck starts by talking about the most important thing and that is pricing your job – this job was for a friend so $1000 but he typically aims to $1500-$2500 – these numbers will only be relevant for houses which sell for several million $ – otherwise the agent will not have enough money to spend on this video – so make sure you aim for the right house.

Walbeck shoots everything at 60fps but and slow everything to 24fps in post for a slow-motion look. He shoots with the 12mm FF (Laowa 12mm f/2.8) which has little to no distortion – which is very important for architectural shots. This is also great for very tight space making those rooms look larger.

Using stabilizer is great (Walbeck uses a glidecam and not electronic stabilizer which can also be great). He also uses an app for iPhone called Sun Scout to check when the sun will be where in the sky to plan his shots in advance (here it is, and here is an Android version – sadly both cost a few $).

If you can add some sort of action shot in the video it can be great (he used a cool off-road car driving into the garage), these sort of shots can really elevate the level of your production.

Of course having an air shot from a drone is almost a requirement these days – Walbeck uses a Phantom 4 Pro in this video with a polarizer.

In the final part of the video, Walbeck goes over some of the stuff he does in post production including time ramping and a little bit of color correction.

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