Shooting in Tiny Spaces

On this Adorama video, photographer Mark Wallace takes a look at what you do when you are forced to shoot in an extremely cramped space and how you can still make the most out of it.

Wallace has a really tight Paris flat to play with and shoot his model. He can also only fit in a single light. The options he plays with includes shooting a very tight head shot, a half body shoot from further away as well as hard ans soft light as well as black and white shots.

The takeout of this short simple video is that you can actually make very decent shots even in very tight places where you can fit a lot of lighting. With just a single light (close to the model) and with fairly minimal changes as discussed above you can make quite a diverse shooting session.

In the second part of the video Wallace shows how he processed the images and gives some interesting tips such as to make sure that the face of your subject won’t compete with other parts of the image (in a few of the images he reduced the exposure of the model’s shirt so it won’t be as bright as the face of the model).

Adding a bit of grain to the image can produce a cool grungey look which can be pretty cool if this is what you are looking for.

You can find  many more helpful lighting tips here. LensVid.  You can also check out more of Wallace tutorials here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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