How to Start as a Stock Photographer

On this video British photographer Mike Browne heads east to interview stock photographer Simon Taplin who gives some useful advice on starting as a stock photographer.

Stock photography  is an area of photography which requires learning and has its own set of rules and conventions (as well as trends). Even if you are a professional photographer and produce amazing shots it does not necessarily mean that you are going to succeed as a stock photographer as you need to know exactly what type of images your clients will want and the stock photography market is very specific and can change over time as Taplin explain with his example about computer screens.

Taplin best advice – start small learn the market shoot one image a day or choose one day a week for shooting and evolve from there.

In 2008 Jonathan Gibson talked to Simon Taplin who talked about shooting stock photography in Asia:


This is not the first time we looked at what it takes to be a dedicated stock photographer. In the past we presented Photographer Steve Neidorf video on “How to Get Started in Stock Photography” and if you want to see how the professionals are working take a look at a guided tour of Yuri Arcurs’ most well known stock photographer in the world) photo studio – and no – you don’t need to have his kind of studio to start working as a stock photographer…

We have a full section devoted to becoming a professional photographer called “photography as a business” here on LensVid.

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