Gregory Heisler – Photography is About Relationships

We have been following professional photographer Gregory Heisler videos here on LensVid for a long time.  The following interesting video was shot during his workshop at Maine Media Workshops.

On the video Heisler talks about his early days as a photographer and about some of the mistakes he has done throughout his long career with one important point he realized too late about photography being a kind of relationship between the photographer and the person who hires him.

Another interesting observation by Heisler has to do with the changing of the photography profession over the years. Heisler talks about an advice he was given in the 1970’s from a pro photographer who told him to look elsewhere for a job as he will no longer have a chance to have a career like the one this old photographer had. He didn’t, but he had an amazing career of his own – and his advice to young photographers these days is that they have no chance to have a career like he had but they can have a completely different career of their own.

You can find all of Heisler’s videos here on LensVid on the following link.

Iddo Genuth
Iddo Genuth is the founder and chief editor of He has been a technology reporter working for international publications since the late 1990's and covering photography since 2009. Iddo is also a co-founder of a production company specializing in commercial food and product visual content.

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