Tips for Fast Tethered Workflow

In this video, we join portrait photographer Moshe Zusman in the studio as he teaches how and why he shoots tethered.

There are many reasons to use Tethered shooting. The main one is probably to improve your workflow and help you go over your images faster and pick the best ones as quickly as possible.

On this video, Zusman shows his gear, the way he used it and especially how working tethered make his workflow much faster (and more cost productive) including his specific workflow with images in Lightroom (making good images in two stages with his clients – thus making sure he has exactly what the client wants by the end of the shoot).

We have looked at tethered shooting several times here on LensVid from different angles and you can find some of the videos on this topic here.

In the past, we reviewed here the ClickSnap Axis 1 Laptop Table and the Tabelz SP135M Laptop Table both are ways of holding your laptop on a tripod or light stand.

You can find lot more photo tips and tutorials on our photography tips section here on LensVid.

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