Tips for Framing Your Videos

On this video, Ryan Connolly from Film Riot  takes take a quick look at different framing in video and a few simple tips for getting the perfect frame.

Getting that cinematic look has always been desirable and the way to do this (at least in part) is by going to a wide screen aspect ratio. Connolly has some tips on how you can get this ratio on DSLR (or mirrorless) camera which do not typically have the option to shoot in this way. One tip is to film a TV which shows a wide screen movie and put small stips of gap tape on the screen of your camera to know how it is framed.

If you don’t have time for that – just shoot wider and cut back the image in post (just be careful you have enough space to cut, otherwise you will have a problem. The main advantage of this method – besides the actual cinematic aspect ratio is the fact that you can reframe – move the image up or down to get exactly the look that you want in different parts of your video.

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