Tips for Photographing the Moon

On this  video photographer Tony Northrup takes a look at how to best shoot the moon.

This video is all about the moon. You might think that you need a huge complex and expensive telescope to take a good picture of the moon, but in fact you can take pretty decent images of the moon with a fairly basic camera and a normal telephoto lens (although of course the longer your lens’ reach – the better).

Try to pick a dry night – if you can get to a high place (a mountain top will be great although you can shoot from any place) your end result might look much better (less atmosphere disturbance.

Northrup also shows how to do a few interesting things with your shots in Photoshop including creating an image which combines a large moon and a city landscape in focus (something you normally can’t do in a single exposure) as well as how to combine several moon images to create a stack of several images to create a (much) sharper finished picture. You can do this using a free software called Registax (which you can download from here).

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Iddo Genuth
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