Tips for Seascape Photography

On this video professional photographer Karl Taylor shows how he takes seascape images near the waterline close to sunset and gives some useful tips based on his experience.

The first tip is obvious – come early – if you are looking for a sunset photo – get well before sunset to setup and find the best location and best angle and make sure you are all set. If you want a sunrise photo – you will need to be on location very early – well before sunrise to make sure you are all set – and bring some lighting (a head torch is useful as you have your hands free to work and carry stuff) to see what you are doing and be careful not to slip.

Next you will need a sturdy tripod (we are doing a tripod review series which can help you with that – see here), preferably one that can go low. Using a polarizing filter if you are shooting water is also a good idea.

Next Taylor has an interesting tip. – Bring a bucket. Why you ask – well, this will allow you to pour water on rocks (if you have any in your shot, making the look more interesting (this doesn’t apply to every image but is a nice useful tip – and you are always next to a large water source so you don’t need water).

Typically in these type of shots will be done at a small aperture (large f number) so you will be shooting at a long exposure. Use either a shutter release or a timer on your camera so that you will not shake it while you are shooting. You can take several exposures and combine them together in post.

You can find many more landscape videos on our landscape photography section. You can also find more of Taylor’s videos on LensVid on this page.

Iddo Genuth
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