Working with Unpredictable Lighting on Location

On this short video (by Phottix), award-winning photographer Bobbi Lane takes us with her to an on-location shooting session where not everything goes out exactly as she plans and explains how she deals with lighting issues when the occur.

On this video we join Lane in a beautiful stable shooting a horse and a rider during sundown with several Phottix lights. There are quite a few things that don’t always work as planned such as how the light on your subject will look when combined with natural light at the exact hour of shooting. One way to work around this is of course to be prepared and use artificial lights – another way is also the try this in advance – go to the location at the same time and take some test shots (but lighting will never be exactly the same from day to day in most places).

Animals – like the horse in this case might also be a bit unpredictable – if you are not familiar with how they behave – try to take along someone who does or at least study the animal online beforehand to see how you can make it do what you want during the shoot.

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