David Bergman’s Top 3 Flash Modifiers Studio and on location best modifiers by David Bergman

In this video photographer David Bergman takes a look at 3 of his favorite light modifiers both for studio work and on-location jobs.

So without too much introduction, we are going to dive right into Bergman’s top 3 choices for light modifiers:

  1. Photek SoftLighter II 60″ White Umbrella – This is a huge soft light source used by many photographers including Annie Leibovitz, it is simple to use and store/carry and is relatively inexpensive (for the size) at around $150-$160.
  2. Profoto 50 deg. Magnum Reflector – This is a very different diffuser (it is actually the opposite of the Photek one), it is a strong, hard light source, Bergman works with Profoto but other companies have similar units with different names – see this one for Bowens mounts for example). If you are working with Profoto you are probably already used to their pricing and this modifier is not different at $380.
  3. MagMod MagBounce – The third pick by Bergman is more for outdoor use and a little bit more affordable. If you are using flashlights and especially if you are shooting on camera as you are running and gunning with a flash – the MagMod MagBounce is a good solution (yes it is a compromise but it has to be in this type of situation. The MagMod MagBounce on its own cost only $44 (but you will need a MagGrip which costs another $25 to hold it on your flash).

Bergman shows some nice examples with a model, demonstrating how each modifier works as a single light with a model in a similar in-studio setup.

Only recently we have looked at Lindsay Adler’s top 3 light modifiers and she had some very different choice which you should consider as well.

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