A Look at the FalconEyes SABER ONE LED Light Stick

Light Sticks are becoming increasingly popular. Since the original Icelight success more manufacturers have entered the market with the most recent one being Yongnuo with it’s $62 YN360. Now a Hong Kong based company called FalconEyes has a new – potentially more powerful solution called SABER ONE.

The Falcon Eyes Saber One  is significantly larger (and potentially more powerful) than many other handheld LED light sticks of its type. The unit has a dimmer and a variable color temperature knob as well as an internal battery.

Here are some of the official specs for this unit:

No. of LED: 360
Power: 22W
Color Temp.: 3000K – 8000K
Power Control: Stepless dimmable
Angle of illumination: 60 deg
Input: DV 12V
Size (L x W x H): 605 x 60 x 60 mm
Mutual Control: Yes, 3 channels


If you are more into traditional LED design Falcon Eyes has several other designs including the newly released MIRR series LED panels which you can see in the following video which also include support for an external V-mount type battery:



We are currently waiting to hear from Falcon Eyes about pricing and availability of its new LEDs and we shall update this article accordingly.

We will soon begin a review series here on LensVid looking at several portable LEDs from different manufacturers and how they perform so stay tuned for that one in the near future.

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