Kelvin Epos 300 Full RGBACL LED Light Full RGBACL Six-Color Light Engine and industrial design COB

Norwegian brand Kelvin (part of Rift Labs which develops LEDs for different applications) announced a new advanced Full RGBACL Six-Color 300W COB Light aimed at videographers and cinematographers called the Kelvin Epos 300.

The video above (no sound) shows the basic design of the new light. The company is currently working on a video commercial for the Epos 300, showing the light in action.

About Kelvin Light

Rift Labs and the new Kelvin brand are comprised of a group of Norwegian engineers, scientists, product developers, coders alongside lighting experts and cinematographers from the city of Vinterbro.

The Epos 300 is their first true professional video light under the new Kelvin brand, however, a pick at the Rift Labs shows that the company seems to have a connection to the Lucli brand (which is part of the Gradus Group which we have covered in the past).

The technology developed by the company was not only used for photo/video purposes but also for vertical farming applications.

The company prides itself by not only designing the lights in Norway but actually hand-building them in the same facility.

Kelvin Epos 300

The upcoming Kelvin Epos 300 uses an RGBACL-based LED chip (similar technology is used in the Prolycht Orion 300 FS and ARRI Orbiter). According to Kelvin this uses a 6-color Light Engine called Cantastoria and has the ability to display a very wide range of color temperatures (2000K-20,000K) and display colors accurately and with deep saturation.

Externally the design on the Epos 300 is certainly unique. it is made out of a rugged 6mm aluminum housing with a very pronounced industrial design. 

The EPOS 300 head – industrial design look

The light supports both DMX, Lumen Radio Skynode (built-in), and of course BT operation via the Narrator Bluetooth app. It also has USB-C and USB-A

The light is very lightweight at 8 kg / 17.4 lbs including the yoke, has a Bowens mount, and comes with a 5-Pin Male-to-Female XLR 3m cable. It comes with a weatherproof hard rolling case.

Large color panel – Epos 300 control unit

The light can be powered using double v-mount batteries or AC and the power and control unit (which comes with a large colored monitor) can be connected to a light stand via a special clamp.

On a light stand – Epos 300

On a light stand - Epos 300

Pricing and availability

The Epos 300 is scedualed to launch in September 2022 for $2500.

We are currently in touch with Kelvin and we hope to bring you a review of the Epos 300 when the light becomes available.

You can find a lot more lighting tutorials in our photography lighting section here on LensVid.

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