5 Different Extreme Macro Photography Options

On this video Allan Weitz from B&H takes a look at 5 popular macro and super macro techniques/system types which can help you get closer and magnify more of your subject.

Weitz talks about 5 different systems on this video which can be used for macro photography and super macro photography:

  • Extreme macro lenses (aka super macro lenses) – these lenses can magnify beyond 1:1 magnification of conventional lenses (only a handful of these lenses currently exist).
  • Tilt shift lenses – these lenses allow a focus depth that isn’t possible in any other way (without focus stacking in post production). However the actual magnification without the help of other accessories is only 1:2 at best.
  • Extension bellow – they help shorten the minimum, focus distance and increase the magnification – bewllows are quite cumbersome to use but they can have their uses in specific types of macro and super macro photography.
  • Extension tubes – these are typically cheaper than bellows and they come in a fixed lengths and typically do not allow for information to transfer from the camera to the lens and the other way around.
  • Reversal rings – a simple inexpensive solution for attaching two lenses one to another – this give you extra magnification however you will loose AF and have very limited control on aperture.

We have looked at macro photography (and super macro photography) many times in the past. Among other things we have covered the Japanese made Nanoha 5:1 lens as well as the interesting recent VENUS V-DX 60mm f/2.8 2:1 Super-Macro Lens.

For more videos macro related video check out our macro section here on lensvid.com.

Iddo Genuth
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