Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM ‘Macro’ Lens Review

On this video, photographer, Christopher Frost takes a look at the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM lens for the RF mount (currently only Canon R and RP cameras). This small and relatively inexpensive lens is also marked as a Macro lens (although it isn’t a true macro you can still get some nice close-ups with it).

Most of Canon’s current RF lineup is very expensive (and pretty

The lens is made from plastic (the mount is metal though) but it is fairly well made and it seems that Canon didn’t skimp on switches – you have a MF/AF and a stabilizer on/off (yes this lens has optical image stabilization which is nice since the current R/RP bodies lack this important feature). It also has the cool control ring on the front (we wish Sony will make something similar, to be honest).

The AF is quite fast but not super silent (although in video mode it seems to slow down and becomes more silent). The lens does have focus breathing (which to be honest isn’t too surprising).

On the EOS-R the center is super sharp at f/1.8 and the corners are O.K. but much better on f/2.8 (and really great at f/4). The lens has some barrel distortion and darkening in the corners (up to f/4) but the camera correct for that (or you can correct this in post).

As for the macro aspect – this lens has an 1:2 magnification and it is very sharp up close.

As for pricing, as mentioned this is a reasonably priced lens (especially compared to some of the other current lenses in the RF lineup), currently selling for $500.

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