6 DIY Photography Filters With Everyday Items

On this quick SNGL video the guys from Sony demonstrate how you can quickly and inexpensively get some cool effects from very simple things and be more creative with your shots.

Expensive pro gear is great but being creative doesn’t cost any money – it just requires some thought and here comes the guys from Sony to give us some cool ideas (some of them really simple, some well known, but they are fun non-the-less).

Here is a list of the 6 cool DIY ideas shown in this video:

  1. Diffusion filter effect – create a soft hazy look quickly.
  2. Magnifying glass – a poor’s man macro lens.
  3. Cellophane filter – colored cellophane is one of the oldest tricks in the DIY photography book (but still cool).
  4. Jelly on a cling wrap – another soft focus trick – just don’t put the jelly on your lens.
  5. Stocking filer – an old stocking can help you make a DIY diffuser that will give you that vintage look you always wanted.
  6. Bokeh Shapes – another great (old) trick that you can do easily by cutting out shapes from a black construction paper and putting it in front of your lens when there are many light sources around.

If you are into DIY photography we have published quite a few videos which includes lists of simple DIY things that you can make as a photographer including  7 Simple DIY Hacks that Will Help you Improve Your Photography,  7 DIY Photography Tips – Using Inexpensive Household Objects and more recently 6 Cool DIY Photography Gifts that You Can Make Yourself (all from the good people at COOPH)..

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects on our dedicated section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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