9.Solutions – a Look at the Next Generation of Support Products for Photo and Video

Innovative Taiwanese photography and videography accessory manufacturer 9.Solutions has some interesting new support products for a variety of creative industries which are now becoming available for purchase.

The good people from cheesycam published this video recently which was actually shot back in NAB2015 showing some very interesting clamps, arms and other photo and video related support accessories – some with some very innovative features which we did not see elsewhere.

There are two reasons why we choose to bring you this video now – the first, as we noted above, is that finally  9.Solutions products are starting to sell through a distributor in the U.S. (and probably soon in other places around the world) and the second is that we have actually been in touch with the company (and with Bo Christensen, the company’s designer which you can see in the video above) for a DIY project that we are doing and we got two of the company’s new products which you will see in an upcoming video in the next few weeks.

9.Solutions actually released a series of short (silent) videos showing how some of its products work and what they can do – here is a quick look at 3 products (there are many more on the company website):

Savior Clamp – for mounting on round, square, or flat objects

Python Clamp ideal for holding flat surfaces

Quick Mount Receiver to Handle Bar – for bikers with GoPro cameras

As the products are still very new we can’t really mention prices – yet – but from talking to 9.Solutions we understand that we are looking at pretty affordable pro-level solutions.

Update: we just had a quick talk with 9.Solutions and apparently all the prices for their products now appear on their U.S. website where you can order them (as well as on some other stores including B&H).

If you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section on our photo gear channel.
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