A First Look at the Mottus Motorized Sliders

Mottus – a Houston based video equipment manufacturer recently released a short video demonstrating its new motorized slider with an advanced leg setup and a non-belt driven design which can also be packed up quick for travel.

Mottus currently has two sliders in its lineup a short 24″ and a longer 40″ (both have two options -regular and pro with the pro having different advanced options to change the leg positions).

Both versions come with a motor and a control unit which can run on AA batteries, pro battery or AC power. Unlike many other motorized sliders, Mottus states that it’s motor is nearly silent (which can be very useful for interviews for example).

In terms of carrying capacity – the motor can pull up to 6 pounds (2.7kg) in a 45 angle degree which means that most DSLR setups are supported (although if you are going to use something like a RED/Alexa you will need a stronger motor).

Mottus Motorized Slider


As for pricing, these sliders are manufactured in Europe (all metal) and start at $500 for the non motorized 24″ slider and go up to about $1300 for the larger 40″ motorized version (you can find more on Mottus’ website).

We are hoping to bring you a full review of the Mottus later on this year.

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Iddo Genuth
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