A Look at Sigma’s MC-11 Adapter for Sony E-mount Cameras

Last week Sigma announced several new products for the CP+ show which ended early this week. One product that was a bit of a surprise was a new MC-11 adapter which will allow DSLR lenses to operate with full autofocus functionality on Sony full-frame and APS-C mirrorless bodies.

The video above, shot by the guys from DPreview takes a look at this interesting adapter which brings superior AF functionality to the Sony E (and FE) cameras with 3’rd party lenses.

The only (major) drawback of this adapter seems to be that it will only work with Sigma glass (in either Sigma mount or EF Canon mount) but not with other manufacturer’s glass (Canon/Tamron/Tokina etc.) are not going to work and this is a very big problem.

As for the other capabilities of the MC-11 – the unit has an integrated LED display and it can keep both autofocus and auto-exposure as well as transfer EXIF data to the camera and support Sigma’s USB dock.

If you do have a nice collection of good Sigma lenses for Canon for example – the adapter can be an interesting preposition. It is also not very expensive at $250 (it is still not available for purchase though but you can pre-order).

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