A Look at Tether Tools SLX and Q20 – Mounted Wedding and Event Lighting Options

Tether Tools recently announced two very interesting products from the newly released RapidMount family which according to the company was specifically designed for location shoots such as events or weddings, allows photographers to discreetly mount light and action accessories in ways that were never before possible.

U.S. accessory manufacturer Tether Tools is known for its unique and innovative product. The newly announced RapidMount line should help on-location photographers place lights and even small cameras such as GoPro on any clean flat surface easily with a special sticky-pad which doesn’t leave any residue.

The RapidMount SLX can let the photographer to mount a light both horizontally and vertically the Q20 does the same with a small articulating arm for microphones, GoPros etc.

Both units can save you the need to carry a light stand and can be attached to a drywall, veneer, glass, mirror, laminate, fiberglass, metal, tile, porcelain, marble and more and work on just about any painted surface.

The RapidMount SLX with a flash on a metal wall

rmslx-rapid-mount-tether-tools-slx-4As for pricing, Tether Tools is offering the RapidMount SLX with RapidStrips for $25 and the Q20 for $30 (you can also add 30 or 120 disposable RapidStrips for $15-$50) all on the Tether Tools.

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Iddo Genuth
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