A Look at the Flolight Bladelight Linear Strip LED Video Lights

Silicon Valley based manufacturer Flolight has an interesting new line of LEDs which are both powerful and have a very wide throw. The good people from cheesycam recently published a video review of the Flolight Bladelight and demonstrating some of its capabilities.

If you are looking for a light which is both powerful and has a wide angle (and the ability to control the throw using barn doors and special attached diffusers. The Bladelight have a very densely packed COB LEDs in a strip setup – more similar to a monolight in a sense.

Here are some of the features of the Bladelight from the Flolight dedicated page:

  • Softbox like wrap around light
  • High power up to 300w.
  • Focusable – 3 selectable beam angles 20 – 120
  • Green LED versions for perfect green screen
  • The units can connect end-end, side-side
  • Two slide-in channels for diffusion and filters
  • Built in Barndoors cut light.
  • Available in 18″ 50 Watt (500 Watt Hot Light Equivalent) or 36″ 100 Watt (1,000 Watt Hot Light Equivalent) .
  • BladeLight LED Strips are available in Daylight, Tungsten, and Green for use with a GreenScreen (with Bi-Color coming soon).
  • Pricing starts at around $500 (depending on the size/configuration).

We are currently unsure if these lights are 110v only or if they can work on 220v/240v as well, we are also unsure if you can use this with some sort of external power unit/battery.

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