A Look Inside Your DSLR at 10,000 Frames Per Second

The Slow Mo Guys (they break stuff and shoot it ultra slowly) had an interesting look at the camera shutter and mirror mechanisms earlier this year which we think that you should really check out.

Both the shutter and mirror mechanisms in your DSLR are pretty amazing to watch in super slow motion. The accuracy and consistency in which they operate time and time again is really a testament to the ingenuity of the engineers that made them. However besides the actual marvel that is the shutter/mirror mechanism – understanding how they work is also some practical importance as you can see in the demo on this video (this is true for stills but even more so for video – especially when shooting moving subjects and when the camera itself moves).

We have already looked at some fun (and interesting) videos which were shot in slow motion (and especially ultra slow motion) using cameras such as the Phantom Flex and others on our slow motion section.

If you are actually more interested in the effects of shutter speed on your camera, we have a couple of fascinating videos – “Understanding Shutter Speed and Frame Rate in Video” by Greg Olson and “Shutter Speeds and Frames Rates” by Jem Schofield and cinematographer Angus Oborn (for Canon).

More photography related technology videos can be found on our photo-tech section here on LensVid.

VIA: planet5d.

Iddo Genuth
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