Blind Spot Power Pipe – USB-C Power for your Cameras, Monitors and Accessories Power your camera gear using USB-C with Blind Spot Power Pipes

Let’s face it, photographers and especially videographers need to deal with too many batteries, cables, and adaptors, some are quite expensive. But what if you could power your entire rig from a USB-C power bank? this is exactly what Blind Spot has set out to do with its new line of power pipe connectors that can help you power not just your camera but also your monitor as well as many other accessories and devices that until now required either expensive batteries or AC to work.

Until now you needed to use many different cables and/or batteries to power such devices as cameras & monitors not to mention devices such as Streaming Bridge (think of the popular Atem Mini-series) or wireless routers which typically required AC.

Blind Spot Gear new power pipe series gives you the freedom to power all of those devices and more from readily available and affordable Power Delivery devices (i.e. Power Banks with USB-C PD technology). which can make things far less complex and much more cost-effective. Just keep in mind that at the moment there are not too many options of PD compatible power banks with 2 or more USB-C PD ports, so if you need to power several products at the same time you will need several power banks (and from our experience not all power banks deliver on their PD promise with all device – so be aware of that).

We have been in touch with Blind Spot for quite a long time now and have been testing the power pipe cables extensively with different batteries monitors and cameras and we shall bring you our own take in the not too distant future. In the meantime here is a quick look at the different cables (and a Sony dummy battery that we have been using, other dummy batteries should also work).

As for pricing – all three units are currently sold on Amazon:

Please keep in mind that the Power-Pipe – 8.4V USB-C PD does not come with a dummy battery so you will need to get one that will work with your specific camera maker/model separately.

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