Power Cage & Bracket – Power Bank for Film Makers

For the longest time, we have been looking for a power solution that will be designed for the mirrorless world, small and compact with lots of power and a multitude of different connectors for any type of accessory but also a way to rig all your gear directly to it. Scottish manufacturer Blind Spot finally seems to have come up with one – the Power Cage & Bracket.

The power cage can’t be mistaken for a regular power bank – internally it has 10,000 mAh battery capable of putting out 37W but externally it has four different 1/4″ 20 threads on each side as well as a mounting cutout and a side Nato Rail for attaching all types of gear (including monitors, mics, lights, etc.).

On the top of the power cage, you have an on/off button, one DC connector with 7.2v, 2 USB-A 5V ports and a single USB-C with power delivery for powering advanced recorders, smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.

The Power Cage & Bracket in action in different configurations

In addition to the power cage, Blind Spot also made a special power bracket which allows users of the battery to create a camera rig with a large number of 1/4″ 20 threads as well as three 3/8″ 16 threads and an Arca Swiss compatible lower part.

The power cage and bracket can help users create all sorts of different rigs – you can power your camera and or monitor either using USB or with a dummy battery (via the DC port), your smartphone or tablet can also be powered using the USB-A or USB-C connectors and so are many audio recorders like the popular MixPre 3/6 (which need USB-C with PD for full functionality).

The battery (which uses high capacity 21700 cells made by LG) also gives you different indicators as to its status including power level, load, and PD use.

Different components of the Power Cage & Bracket 

As for pricing, the Power-Cage & Bracket kit is currently raising money on Kickstarter and is offered for £99.

Extra video: Billy from Blind Spot with a quick look at the power-Cage & Bracket kit 

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