How to Build Your Own DIY Light Triangle “Ring” LED

On this video, Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter shows how to create a simple yet interesting looking (and potentially very useful) triangle LED that you can use as a sort of special ring light.

So you are tired of those oh so common round ring lights and you want a more interesting, special looking ring light to get some catch light in your model’s eyes (or you are shooting YouTube videos and you want to look like you are from the future), well a triangle LED can be the way to do it.

The assembly process is simple take 3 or 6 Aluminum tracks and connect LED strips to them, for a triangle (Pike used super glue – we would probably use screws). Next comes the somewhat more complex part you will need to weld the strips and connect a dimmer and a battery – Pike shows exactly how to do this in the video – there are strips which do not require this welding and use USB power and have a light switch but you will typically lose the dimming option and we are not sure about the power or quality of these trips.

Here is a list (and links) to the parts used by Pike:

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