Cinevate Modo – a Mechanical Timelapse Panning Head

Cinevate announced today a special mechanical timelapse panning head called Modo. This little unit doesn’t require batteries or complex programming and can be set to automatically turn in either one of two (pre selected/pre purchased) speeds.

Last year Syrp introduced the Genie mini – a digital, programmable wireless panning head which works using an app for your smart device. We are currently testing this little unit (and you will see some test images from it very soon).

If you want zero massing around, with no need for batteries and the option to operate in more or less any type of weather condition, Cinevate has a different solution for you it calls Modo. This unit promises to deliver a precise motion timelapse head for your camera using 100% mechanical system, thus freeing you from the restrictions of cables, belts, and batteries.

Modo has two speed variants – 360 degrees in 30 or 60 minutes which you will need to choose when you buy this unit (could have been cool if you could select the speed in the unit itself by changing a dial for example). The entire unit has a mechanical mechanism which is weather sealed and made of Solid CNC machined aluminium.

The Modo is compatible with the Duzi – 2 axis motion by Cinevate which you can see in action in the video above.

As for pricing – the Modo will cost $129 – pretty affordable if you know exactly what you want for your next panning action video/timelapse.

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