Colorspike – Creating in Color

Colorspike is a new type of lighting effect unit from the guys which gave us pixelstick just a few years back and is currently raising money on Kickstarter.

A few years back Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan – two inventors from NY, formed a company called Bitbanger Labs and developed a unique smart light stick consisting of 198 full-color RGB LEDs called the pixelstick and received quite a bit of publicity for its unique capability to create amazing light paintings. Now they have something new – an app-controlled, stackable color LED light that is capable of producing different light patterns and be used to create off-camera lighting effects (fire, lighting, concert lights, and many custom effects using an app) for video or a dead-simple 2-8 point lighting system for stills.

The Colorspike is also strong enough to be used as a dill light (and in some situations maybe even as a main light) with about 1600 lux at 1m. The The App that will come with the Colorspike helps primarily with pattern creation and management, allowing the user to sync them,  edit their look and feel, and create new ones from scratch. Additional functionality includes device management, including the ability to connect to and control multiple colorspikes wirelessly.

Colorspike – playing with colors

The Colorspike is currently on Kickstarter starting at $300.

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