DigiSlider Motion Control Time Lapse Slider Kit Preview

The good people from cheesycam recently published a preview of the DigiSlider Time Lapse Kit which brings some interesting capabilities for timelapsing.

We have covered here numerous sliders and quite a few motorized ones. What is interesting about the DigiSlider Time Lapse Kit (made by the U.K. company DigiSlider which also makes an interesting Carbon Fibre Mini Jib) is its ability to work with the camera, start and stop when the camera takes an image so that if you are shooting several images each time (HDR) or doing a long exposure each time, your images will not be blurry due to movement.

The  DigiSlider Time Lapse Kit seems very simple to install, it doesn’t have field legs like a few other sliders but you can very easily connect a crank (which is something we always love as we do not always want to use the motorized part especially if we want to do a quick timelapse on the go).

Digislider has add-ons which can extend it from the basic 50cm up to 200cm and it can carry up to 10KG of camera equipment (with two tripods) or about 5KG (with just a center one). The basic slider cost about £264 ($440) and the kit with the motor will set you back about £490 ($816).

You can watch more HDSLR and video techniques on our dedicated HDSLR channel here on LensVid.