$15 DIY Light Stands Holder

If you have lots of stands and tripods that you sometimes need to carry with you to and back from the car you probably ran into this problem before. Carrying all those long awkward poles is inconvenient – Dave Bode from Tuts+ thinks he has the solution and it will only cost you a few dollars.

Bode seems to find a simple inexpensive way to fasten lots of heavy not very easy stands and tripods together using 2 inch nylon belt and a pair of 2 inch heavy duty buckles. Bode explain how you can connect the belt to the buckles and than fasten the whole thing to your stack of stands and tripods – its really simple and it can save you lots of time and effort.

If you don’t like DIY stuff you can use a dedicated case – however they are expensive and very heavy – if you want something ready and willing to pay extra – you can find tactical belts such as this one from Snake Eater Tactical which does the same thing but for between 70$-90$.

If you also want to find out how you can create a DIY Poor Man’s C-stand for $20 – check out filmaker Scott Eggleston video we published here recently.

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid.

VIA: Petapixel.

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