How to Make your Own DIY Diffusion Panel For Under $30

Pro photographer Tony Roslund can certainly afford a commercial diffusion panel however sometimes half the fun is making one yourself and this is exactly what Roslund is doing in this video.

Roslund noted about his quick project:”As a product photographer, I use diffusion panels almost daily. I prefer the flexibility and control I get from them over softboxes, and they’re easy to store or pack flat for taking on location. Several companies have prefab “blades” intended for holding diffusion materials and fit nicely into grip heads/knuckles, but at nearly $100 a pop, buying several of them may not fit into everyone’s budget. A friend showed me an easy way of making my own for a fraction of the cost, so I put together this video to show you the process”.

Roslund used a Rosco #3008 diffusion material (which cost about $6 for a 24 x 20 inch sheet). Roslund estimates the materials cost at under $30 – we believe that you can go well below that if you just use 4 simple pieces of wood as the frame and connect them together with some nails or screws.

In the past we have shown how Tiffany Angeles prepares a simple DIY backdrop reflector, as well as how Luke Neumann makes his own outdoor DIY Reflector.

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid.

VIA: fstoppers.

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