DIY – How to Add a Tripod Mount to Anything

Filmaker Scott Eggleston recently published this video which takes a look at several options for adding a 1/4″ 20 (the same mount your camera has) to basically anything around you.

So why would you want a 1/4″ 20 connector available at all times? well this is kind of obvious we guess – if you want to mount a mic, light, monitor, gopro or anything not too heavy (and if you have a strong enough mount maybe even a full camera) whenever you go.

So here are some of Eggleston’s suggestions:

  • Use 1/4″ 20 nuts/washers – they cost close to nothing – you can glue them to all sort of surfaces and get a female 1/4″ 20 ready to go in no time.
  •  Use a cell phone holder with a 1/4″ 20 mount – these are really inexpensive and you can connect them to so many things – just make sure you secure them together with something like a Velcro strap.
  • Connect it to a pole – you can use a zinc ground clamp which has a 1/4″ 20 – but to be honest we have a better solution which we shall show you in an upcoming video.
  • Drill into a surface and tap a 1/4″ 20 – this is a bit destructive but if you want a permanent solution this can be a good strong way – you just need a way to tap.
  • Use a spring clamp and a ball head – most spring clamps have holes which are too big to tap but you can attach a small ball head to them and make a DIY spring clamp/ball head (you can also buy these ready).

If you are into 1/4″ 20 and other DIY photo and video mounting attachments – make sure to keep your eyes open for our upcoming video next week when we shall take a closer look at some of our photo/video connectors and how you can get them.

You can  check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid and more of Eggleston’s DIY videos on this subsection.


Iddo Genuth
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