DJI Mini 3 – Hnads On Review Roundup New mini drone from DJI

Earlier today DJI introduced a new version of a mini drone – the DJI Mini 3. This tiny drone will sit between the older DJI Mini 2 and the more advanced DJI Mini 3 Pro announced earlier this year.


The new drone has the same size 1/1.3-inch high-resolution sensor as the Mini Pro 3 announced in May this year (with 12MP stills in JPG/RAW shooting for stills, while the Pro also has a 48MP mode). It includes a similar wide-angle 24mm (equivalent in 35mm) lens with a fast f/1.7 aperture. Both the Mini 3 Pro and Min 3 can shoot vertically (something the older Mini 2 could not do).

In video mode users of the DJI MINI 3 can record up to 4K 30p or 1080p 60p at 100Mbps in H.265 or H.264 (the Pro can do 4K 60p and 1080p at 150Mbps).

It has an impressive flight time of 38min (or 51 min with optional Intelligent Flight Battery Plus) which is even longer than the Pro version, but it lacks some of the more advanced features of the Pro such as the timelapse, focus track, and master shots options. It also does not include all the advanced tri-directional sensors the Pro has (and only includes downward sensing like the previous generation).

B&H made a comparison table of the main differences between the three mini drones from DJI

DJI Mini 3 comper

DJI MINI 3 main features

The following are some of the main features of the DJI Mini 3:

  • Sensor resolution – 12MP CMOS 4K 30p camera.
  • Sensor size – 1/1.3-inch CMOS + f/1.7 lens with 24mm (equivalent in 35mm) lens.
  • ISO range – 100-6400.
  • 8-bit video (100Mbps).
  • 38/51 Minutes Flight Time (the second option with the optional Intelligent Flight Battery Plus).
  • Wind level 5 (10.7 miles/s ratings).
  • Weight – only 249g (lighter than the 390g Pro version).

Pricing and availability

The DJI Mini 3 will come in different combo setups starting from $560 for the DJI Mini 3 with RC-N1 Remote version and all the way to  $860 for the DJI Mini 3 with DJI RC Remote (Fly More Combo). Here is the entire mini 3 family with all the options on B&H.

Hands-on Videos

There are already several hands-on reviews of the DJI Mini 3 – here are a few of them:

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