First Look at the Aputure LSC20 LED Fresnel Mini Light

NAB 2016 which ended a few weeks ago was very productive this time around and we still have some interesting products that was shown during the show that we didn’t cover. One such product is the upcoming Aputure LSC20 LED Fresnel mini light that that photographer Curtis Judd looked at on the video above.

The Aputure LSC20 LED is a pretty special little light. It was designed to be an accent light and comes with barn doors (which actually do something in terms of light shaping) and the ability to zoom the beam angle like a traditional fresnel.

The unit includes a slot for gels and it can be powered with 5-18V DC power which means you can use the included DC adapter, a USB charger (or USB battery pack), Sony NP batteries or VLock or Anton Bauer gold mount batteries.

The light itself has a CRI of 96 and a single light source, it has a dimmer and you can change the angle from 80 degrees to 20 degrees.

As for pricing – a single unit will cost just under $200 starting from September 2016.

Another video from NAB 2016 where Chuck Fadley talks to Aputure


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