First Look at the Aputure Light Storm 60d and 60x Two new mid size COBs that pack a punch

Aputure promised us a whole host of new products for NAB this year which never happened but instead, it decided to spread the announcement over several weeks and after revealing the Aputure 300X bi-color COB recently it now has two new smaller COBs from its Light Storm series  – the 60d and 60x plus a couple of other upcoming surprises.

The Light Storm 60d and 60x are both self-contained 60w COBs (the d version has a temperature of 5500k while the x is bi-color ranging from 2700K-6500K – similar to the 300X, but smaller and with less output).  Both are water-resistant, they have all their controls on the unit itself so no extra parts aside from power.

As for power, you have several options – you can use AC using a power brick which you can mount on the yoke using a v-mount clip or a single v-mount battery (any type should work as the power draw is low) or even L type batteries and Aputure will make a dual V-mount to L type battery plate that you can use and you will even be able to power the unit via a single L battery (at 50% power).

The Light Storm 60d and 60x self-contained COBs

Talking about power when used in spot mode this light will give you 50,000lux at 1m which is not that far away from the much larger 120d II (which should give you about 67,000lux at spot with a Fresnel on).

Unlike the larger 120d and 300d lights, these new lights come with the Mini Mount but you will be able to adapt them to a Bowens mount (we are not sure how well it will be able to hold large softboxes but with the smaller ones it seems to work fine). It will work with Aputure’s remote and Sidus Link app.

There are two other products shown in the video Newsshooter made with Ted from Aputure above. The first is a very interesting add on to the Light Storm 60d and 60x units in the form of a Spotlight Mini Zoom which is a smaller version of the Aputure Spotlight that can zoom the light to a spot and use gobos and an iris to get more creative with the light.

The second unrelated product which was shown a year ago but has yet to be released is the B7C Lightbulb. This smart high CRI RGB remote controlled unit has gone through some redesign and is now the most powerful 7W LED bulb which you will be able to use in practicals when it will reach the market.

As to when all these products will actually be available for purchase and what their p[ricing is going to be we are not really sure as Aputure did not disclose this info but it should happen sometime during Q3 of 2020.

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