First Look at the Lexar HR-1 Super Memory Card Reader

Memory manufacturer Lexar just came out with an interesting new professional card reader. There seems to be very little you can actually still do to innovate in the memory card category of products but Lexar actually managed to do something really interesting.

The Lexar HR-1 is the first customizable four-bay reader hub. In other words you can purchase the bay and get your own choice of either SDHC/SDXC, CF or XQD (and in the future possibly other formats such as the new CFast 2.0 from Sandisk).

Each of the four units can be used independently if you need it on the go (using a USB-3 cable) and the entire unit is connected to a computer using USB-3 (with only a single cable required). The video above shows Scott Kelby showing the new HR-1.

We are eager to test the HR-1 as we are currently working with one of Lexar’s USB-3 card readers which is our own choice card reader which had served us well in the past year but since we tend to shoot RAW and JPEG together on the D7100 – using the Lexar HR-1 can actually make our lives that much simpler.

The main HR-1 hub cost just under $80 and each unit should go for under $30 (currently on pre-order at B&H).

Lexar has their own short video showing the HR-1 reader – check it out below


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