First Look at the Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Panel

Luxli recently released a new 1×1 LED with RGBAW capabilities and a number of advanced features. The good people over at CheesyCam had a first look at this interesting model and what it can do in the video above.

The Timpani is a very interesting light – it has a temprature range of between 2800K to 10,000K, BT with mobile app for controlling the color and other aspects of the light which should be very handy, precise control from the light itself using a wheel, TLCI rating of over 97 and a CRI rating of over 95.

The unit also has 10 pre-programmed special effects with adjustable parameters for incredibly realistic lighting effects and a whole host of other features.

Here are the specs of the Luxli Timpani 1×1:

  • 1 × 1 ft. RGBAW LED panel
  • 120 W power draw
  • 95 CRI/97 TLCI.
  • RGB variable color mode.
  • Filter mode with selection of 150 Lee filters.
  • CCT (correlated color temperature) mode.
  • Preprogrammed and editable special effects.
  • DMX protocol.
  • Intuitive LCD display.
  • Bluetooth app control.
  • Yoke for light-stand mounting.

As for pricing, the Luxli Timpani 1×1 currently sells for just under $1000.

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