First Look at the Rotolight Titan X1 Is the Rotolight Titan X1 the ultimate 1×1 Professional RGB LED panel?

British manufacturer Rotolight just announced their latest 1X1 RGB panel with some very exciting features that make this unit really stand out in the jungle of 1X1 LEDs that have been pouring into the market in recent years.

There are so many 1X1 lights on the market that it is hard to keep track and even some of the budget options are not that bad, so what does a high-end company like Rotolight which produces its products locally in the U.K. do when they want to stand out of the crowd (and justify their R&D and manufacturing cost compared to all those Chinese manufacturers)? well, they innovate and the new Titan X1 brings in some truly amazing technologies into play.

Is this the ultimate 1×1 Professional RGB LED panel? Rotolight Titan X1 

Front and back Rotolight, Titan X1

Among some of the very unique features of the Titan X1 you can find the following (in no particular order:

  • SmartSoft electronic diffusion technology – this allows the front panel to be diffused using electricity and creates a softer/harder light with a switch of a button. You can also control other aspects of the light with this special technology including the spread of light and how focused it is.
  • Large color touch panel – physical control of light is essential and with so many advanced features packed into this panel having easy direct control with buttons and a large touch screen with colors is a huge bonus (especially for RGB work).
  • Super brightness – it isn’t clear exactly how Rotolight was able to do this but according to the company at 50% diffusion, the Titan 1X is about twice as bright as the already very bright Litepanel Gemini 1×1 and ARRI S30-C (at 5m distance, at closer ranges this difference is smaller).
  • Power Draw – for such a huge output it is extremely surprising that the light can use dual V-mount/Gold mount batteries and draws just 230W.
  • Connectivity and wireless control –  compared to some of the competition which requires expensive add-on units for wireless connectivity the Titan X1 has integrated Lumenradio with DMX and Bluetooth module.
  • Huge filter library – the Titan X1 has one of the biggest built-in filters and gels libraries of any light we know of with 1400 gels it is really hard not to find the right color for your next shot.
  • High-speed sync flash – this one is a truly unique feature that appeals to photographers rather than videographers – having so much power opens up many lighting options for working on a hybrid set when you need to shoot both video and stills.

Some of the technologies that we are seeing here were first included in the larger (and much more expensive) Titan X2 and we can only hope that they will find their way into more and more affordable models.

Battery-powered for outdoor shoots – Titan X1

Rotolight, Titan X1 model shot BTS

The only thing to keep in mind about this unit is the weight. Despite its 1×1 size it can get pretty heavy depending on the mounting attachment you choose with a standard yoke it will weigh in at 8.6kg / 18.9 lbs but with the pole yoke you are looking at a 10.2kg / 22.4 lbs light which is considerably heavier than the competition and this does not include the power supply (well we guess all these power and features are worth their weight in gold – literally).

As for pricing, the Titan X1 is priced at just under $3000 (until the end of 2020) this is significantly less than the ARRI S30-C but more than the offerings from Aputure and Litepanel but with its unique feature set, we are sure that it will find the right audience.

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