Freezing Time with Super Slow Motion Camera – 7200 fps – in 360 Degrees

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober who left the agency to create a high tech Halloween costumes recently released a video of an interesting advanced DIY project for shooting amazing super low motion videos in 360 degrees of exploding objects.

Using just one camera (a Phantom super high speed camera) and a smart design of a ultra fast rotating mirror, Rober and a friend from NASA created a unit which can use a stationery camera (you don’t want to rotate a super expensive camera like the Phantom) to shoot objects exploding in 360 degrees in super slow motion (up to 7200 frames per second) – resulting in some amazing images.

Bullet penetrating a balloon in  Mark Rober’s videoFreezing-Time-with-a-Super-Slow-Motion----7200-fps---in-360-Degrees

The only thing which might bother you with the video is the fact that you can sometime see parts of the rig in the footage – but for a DIY project this is certainly acceptable.

Rober is the type of engineer who loves to try and create crazy inventions. In 2009 he had an idea to do a cool Halloween costume that is made out of 2 iPads which he placed in the front and back of a shirt and displayed an image which looked like a huge bullet hole in the center of his body.

Rober posted the video online and when he got up in the morning over 1.2 million people already watched it – he immediately understood that he is on to something and started a company to create all sorts of crazy costumes which integrate smartphones/tablets doing all sorts of neat tricks.

A Fox video showing Rober and his crazy Halloween costumes


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