FrisbeeCam – HD Camera on Your Frisbee

If you love frisbee (we know we do) this DIY FrisbeeCam is an amazing contraption. Watching the high res video coming from it as it flies is truly astounding.

The team developing this DIY project started last year with a simpler version with only 720p tiny camera  but the new camera used in the 2014 version  is the 1080p, 30fps Mobius action camera and you can really see the improvement. Of course its not just the HD quality but the way you make the video stable that is important as the FrisbeeCam spins very quickly all the time.

Video of the original FrisbeeCam from 2013 – the current model is smaller


If you ask us, a toy manufacturer (or even the guys who created this project on kickstarter) should really consider coming up with a commercial version of this unit along with a built in wifi, a working app and the ability to transmit live video from the flying frisbee (we can even imagine real world frisbee gaming apps combined with Google glass – but maybe its just our over technologically driven minds).

You can find more info on the FrisbeeCam and its developers on makezine.

The solution is the Frisbeecam, made by mounting a compact hi-def action camera to the top of a plastic disc using a sort of weathervane-like tail that always keeps the camera pointed forward. There’s still some occasional stabilizing needed in post-production to make the footage watchable, but the results are pretty wonderful.

Side by side of the under-mount style with the top-mount style of the Frisbeecam 


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