Fujin Mark Ⅱ – a vacuum Cleaner for Your DSLR

We haven’t seem a whole lot of innovation in recent years in the field of sensor cleaning. The Japanese company Fijin however does have a new approach with a device which looks like a lens but is actually a powerful vacuum that sucks the dirt from your camera out.

Our cameras get dirty every time we switch a lens. No matter how careful you are some dirt will get in. If you shoot with closed apertures (typically above f/8 or f/11) you might notice the tiny dirt that accumulates on your sensor (a simple test will be to set the camera to f/16 or f/22 and shoot a white wall on a tripod or some stable surface – you might be surprised to see what you will get).

Fijin uses suction to pull dirt from the sensor section outside using an electric fan and a stator outside with a filter in the middle (you can switch filters which cost about $18 for a pack of 5). The unit is the second edition of this vacuum and it has two versions – one for Nikon DSLRs and one for Canon DSLRs.

From the videos the company published the unit seems to function however it remains to be seen how well it will function against more sticky small dirt that lodges onto your sensor and is hard to remove in any way other than wet or similar way of cleaning.

Another 2 videos showing the Fujin Mark Ⅱ (no sound)

The Fujin Mark Ⅱ is made in Japan and you can order one for $150.

This isn’t the first time that we cover the topic of cleaning camera sensors. A few years back we published two videos by the guys from Lensrentals and photographer Moose Peterson which you can find here and more recently another video by photographer Toby Gelston.


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