This is How To Clean Your Camera Sensor

On this video photographer Toby Gelston takes a look at different ways for cleaning your camera sensor on your own.

Before we start we must give this warning despite the reassuring words from Gelston in the start of his video:

Warning: improperly cleaning your sensor can damage the sensor (and effect your camera permanently) so do this only if you feel comfortable enough with the process – if not – take it to a good camera store of lab and ask that they will do this process for you.

There are different tools that can help you clean a sensor and in this video Gelston talks about a few of them – here are the main ones:

  1. Camera built in sensor cleaning mechanism – this can be turned on on each start-up/shut-down (although the effectiveness is usually low).
  2. Rocket Air Blaster – pretty useful inexpensive and simple to use tool – good against most non sticky small dust particles (watch the way Gelston uses it in the video and make sure it will never touch the sensor).
  3. Wet cleaning kit – for years this had been the most used professional way to clean your sensor – it includes a small cloth, a stick (depending on your sensor size) and clean liquid.

Don’t forget to check how well the cleaning worked for you by shooting a white wall or a piece of white paper at f/16 or f/22 before and after you clean (just put your camera on a table or tripod and set the camera to aperture mode with base ISO).

As for the expensive VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly Gelston mentioned in the beginning of the video – it received not so favourable reviews online so make sure you read those before you spend over $100 on a unit.

This isn’t the first time that we cover the topic of cleaning camera sensors. A few years back we published two videos by the guys from Lensrentals and photographer  Moose Peterson which you can find here that deals with the same topic.

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