Back to Basics: Simple Sensor Cleaning

In this video, Swedish YouTuber Peter Lindgren shows how to clean your camera sensor and gives some useful tips.

Its been a while since we published a sensor cleaning video here on LensVid. You can check out our previous videos on this subject as well – here.

Warning and disclaimer: improperly cleaning your sensor can damage the sensor (and effect your camera permanently as well as void your warranty) so do this only if you feel comfortable enough with the process – if not – take it to a good camera store or lab.

Here are a few tips that you should follow to keep your camera sensor clean:

  • When switching lenses do this quickly and with the camera lens mount facing downwards.
  • Always switch lenses in the cleanest place you can (switching lenses in a send storm is not a good idea).
  • Clean the outside of the camera with a soft brush.
  • Next, turn the camera on (in the case of the Sony) go to cleaning mode (in the tools menu) and keep it turned on (this will lock the Sony sensor camera which has a built-in image stabilization moving the sensor).
  • Before starting the “wet” clean process use a blower (found for example on the same kit mentioned above) a few centimeters/inches away from the sensor when the camera is facing down (so the dust will fall down and not back into the camera).
  • Now comes the main part – use the cleaning solution (see the VGSO links below) with the swab as Lindgren show and moves the swab in one motion slowly on the sensor from one side to the next and back and throw the swab. Repeat until you feel the sensor is clean with a new swab. Turn off the camera.

You can buy the VSGO sensor cleaning kit both for Full Frame cameras and APS-C cameras on Amazon.

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