The Best Sony FZ100 3’rd Party Battery

On this video, Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter looked at 8 different FZ100 style batteries (from Sony and different 3’rd party companies) and compares them in terms of battery life and cost to pick the best choice for your A9/A7RIII/A7III cameras.

While the FZ100 is much more powerful than the FW50 (which Sony used for the older A7 series cameras and the A6XXX series), you might still need several of them for backup for a full day of shooting.

Here are the batteries and prices on Amazon:

Pike found out that the DSTE are probably the best bang for the buck while the Wasabi is close behind (while the original Sony battery is still the best – it is way more expensive – so you will need to make your own math here).

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